As the most valuable resource of the modern age, information presents the foundation on which the integrated media and market approach rest. Through six key points of the process, information is gathered, evaluated and turned into strategic opportunities.


Different media speak with different languages, meaning that each piece of information reaches the final recipients more or less different from its initial form, both in characteristics and the channel it is broadcasted on. The real image of how we are seen and interpreted can only be obtained if we look at the whole, and not individual fragments of the total media scene.


When relevant information is at our disposal, it is possible to analyse them in-depth and to discover patterns which point to the manner we are perceived by the public we are addressing, i.e. to understand what is being said about us.


After diagnostics and comprehensive analysis of a problem, the next step is strategic planning which encompasses all the key activities which need to be undertaken in order to achieve the wanted goals. Regardless of whether it is a creative or logistical approach, planning allows us to see where we need to go – lighting the path from a basic idea to the moment when direct contact with our public is achieved.

Ninamedia has been the national market leader when it comes to media monitoring services for the past 18 years. In addition to media monitoring and analysis, we successfully positioned ourselves in the market and public opinion research segment. In cooperation with NIMMA HUB member companies, we provide services of business consulting, education, strategic communication, development and implementation of logistical solutions.

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